Scott Oliver's Testimonials

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"This was our second excellent experience with Scott Oliver. He had the difficult task of selling our home and helping us buy a new one at the exact same time. Scott did all of this and did it during the Holidays, but he made it happen! He is prompt, professional, knowledgeable, honest, kind and truly a pleasure to work with during what can be a complex process. Thank you Scott!"
Jason and Sara, Merced, CA
"We were really lucky and pleased to have Scott Oliver as our REALTOR. Scott is responsive, professional, caring and smart! He understood our needs very well, as well as the market in our area. He took great care in all of the paperwork and gave us some good advice. Thank you for helping us to find a house that we are really enjoying."
Brent and Olga Dirks, Merced, CA
"I was always notified in time to be ready and out of the house before prospective buyers came to view my home. Scott was very good at giving advice about making the decor more appealing to buyers. Scot knows what buyers are looking for, so we moved the house quickly. I was very ill during the later part of the sale and Scott handled everything, so I did not have to worry much."
Yvonna Smart, Merced, CA
"Working with Scott was a great experience! He knows what sells and what needs to be done prior to Listing a house. We followed his direction step by step in preparing to sell our house and had great success! We had 13 offers within 5 days and sold our house for much more than we thought we would."
Mike and Debbie Stephens, Mississippi
"Scott was very knowledgable, attentive and confident throughout our buying process of our home. Scott was very pleasant to work with and always got things done!"
Bill and Taimi Anderson, Merced, CA
"Scott was truly our "partner" when we relocated on very short notice. He took responsibility to ensure that the last thing we had to worry about during a stressful move, was selling our home. Scott even went one step further and introduced us to a REALTOR in Florida, who found us the perfect home quickly. Thank you Scott!!!"
Eric and Lori Flanders, Orlando, FL
"Scott is very positive, knowledgeable and kind! Our house sale moved seamlessly through the Probate Process and Sale Process. Thank you for your attention to details. You made a very difficult time much easier."
Ann Miura, Clovis, CA
"Scott and Kathy are really a Great Team! They know how to present the positive aspects of a property. They know what sells - and the things that are needed to make your home attractive to Buyer's. We felt very confident that all of the documents and legal matters were done correctly. The professionals that Scott recommended for repairs, inspections and other items were top notch and easy to work with. We feel that you couldn't have asked for more than that. The Oliver's will "Do it Right!""
Bob and Susan Anderson, Salem, OR
"I met Scott years ago and have purchase several investment properties with him. Scott has always been upbeat and a joy to work with. Bottom line is that I trust Scott and he gets the deal done. There is not a better REALTOR out there!"
Jon Neumann, Merced
"In spite of Dealing with Buyer's and Seller's who couldn't get their issues resolved, Scott was able to put the Puzzle together, keeping our Best outcome at the fore front. This was a Sale of our primary property and the Purchase of our replacement party during the Holidays."
Rick and Dana Davidson, Merced
"Every aspect of buying a house with Scott was handled with exemplery service. He found us the perfect home right away and was instrumental to our making the right type of offer that would be accepted. We love our new home and couldn't be more grateful for Scott's help and guidance. Thank you, Scott!"
David & Carolyn Jennings, Merced
"Scott, we appreciated your honesty and integrity in evaluating and advising us in the process of selling our home. It is good to deal with someone you feel you can trust and who has Godly Characteristics. Thanks again for your help and interest Scott. We were very happy to receive five offers the first week it was on the market."
Dick & Elizabeth Petrick, Atwater
"Really appreciate your by-the-book, above reproach ("Arms Length"), commitment to the entire process. The Short-Sale was more difficult than we anticipated, but your experience, thoroughness and even sacrifice made all of the difference. Your intuitions proved to be critical in bringing the negotiations to a close. Thank you Scott."
Isaac & Kay Kim, Atwater
"Scott Oliver made the process of purchasing our home as simple and fast as possible. He is very knowledgeable, thorough and really walks you through each step of the way. Scott was always quick to return calls and very flexible in working around our schedules. We truly appreciate all the work he did to us a good deal and help close escrow on time. Scott made this a very positive experience. Thanks again Scott!"
Jason and Sara Goins, Merced
"Communication was excellent, which was important to me, since I was out of State. I was having to evict a tenant in the middle of this sale, but I knew at all times what was happening and what the next step was. I would recommend Scott to anyone Selling or Purchasing a home."
Kathleen Rogers, Republic, MO
"Scott was Great! He made us feel like family and kept us up to date everytime something happened. There were a lot of frustrations and roadblocks with Bank of America, but Scott was able to get around all of them and sell our property."
Gary and Sheila Westlake, Merced
"Thank you for the phenomenal job you did selling our Atwater Home. The process was stress free, quick and efficient, due to your knowledge and professionalism. Scott made us feel at ease, as well as confident that everything was being handled. It was a joy working with you."
Michael and Jennifer Zuniga, Merced
"We spent 18 months with another agent and wrote over 15 offers. Scott got us into the first home that we put an offer on after we changed REALTORS. Scott represents dedication and professionalism at its finest. Thank you Scott!"
Eric and Kimberly Buhrmann, Atwater
"Scott's ability to listen to our needs early in our house hunting endeavor, resulted in providing a relaxed buying experience. Scott maintained a patient demeanor even during challenges and providing comfort to a difficult process as Home Buyers. Scott never gave up, even while confronted by many challenges by the Seller."
Michael & Kimberly Conley, Catheys Valley
"Scott was very pleasurable to work with; he was very prompt in responding to questions via e-mail or phone calls. Scott was also knowledgeable in every aspect of the Real Estate process and knows his craft well."
Clair and Stephanie Fisk, Atwater
""Most Professional, Courteous Real Estate Agent in Merced". If you want your transaction to go quickly and smoothly, then Scott Oliver is the gentleman you should contact! Scott will help you find the home that fits your families situation. Scott is a REALTOR that you can trust!"
Justin and Christine Hicks, Merced
"The service and personal attention we received from Scott was excellent and a great experience. Scott had a genuine interest in getting us into the right home. He was never too busy to answer our seemingly endless array of questions. We could not have asked for a better REALTOR to guide us through the process. Thanks again Scott!"
Fernando Diaz and Yolanda Salazar, Merced, CA
"Scott, the experience of buying a home is both thrilling and rewarding. Your knowledge of the housing market, locations, how to write an offer that would get accepted, also knowing qualified Inspectors and Contractors to complete the repairs in a timely manner, made the purchase a lot more efficient. Thank you for helping me start a new life in Merced."
Patty Carlow, Merced, CA
"Scott made the entire process easy. He was able to capitalize on the Seller's Market and get us well above asking price. Scott is very Professional and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much for all of your help."
Josh and Marcia-Marie Rosson, Atwater, CA
"Scott's overall knowledge of the laws, regulations and intricacies reduced our stress level greatly. He maintained a wonderful level of progessionalism. Thank you so much for your tireless help. We Appreciate You!!"
Rickey and Dana Davidson, Merced
"Thank you for everything you did this year - with total professionalism."
John G. May, Bakersfield, CA
"We had excellent communication with our REALTOR. Scott guided us through each step along the way. We were very happy with the perserverance of Scott in making this purchase happen."
Mike and Meredith Lawrence, Winton, CA
"This was our first home purchase. Despite it being an exciting and sometimes anxiety ridden process, our experience was quite smooth. Our Realtor, Scott Oliver with Gonella Realty, was a consummate professional. He deftly navigated the sometimes choppy waters of the current market to make the purchase smooth, fast and....pleasant!"
Kevin and Jessica Reeves, Atwater, CA
"Very positive experience. We had lots of good, fast and honest help from Scott Oliver our Realtor. We did everything by internet and only showed up to look at specific homes. When we found this home, it took less than three weeks before we had the keys. It was a much easier process than we expected."
Matt and Kacy Rosson, Merced, CA
"The loan was hectic, stressful and chaotic! Choosing the home, negotiating the offer and letting my Realtor handle all of the stress was wonderful! I had all but given up on a home if it had not been for Scott Oliver at Gonella Realty. He took care of everything! When Scott handed me the keys to my new home I was in shock! I could not believe that my search was over and I now own my own home. The smile on my face still has not gone away. Thank you!"
Joy Hopper, Merced, CA
"It was the most stressful thing we have done as a couple. Our Realtor - Scott Oliver, made it less stressful and was super helpful. Scott was very professional and went way above and beyond what we expected! We love our new Home!!!"
Danny and Laura Eckman, Merced, CA
"Awesome! We had friends that were into the process longer and we got into our home sooner. It went incredibly smooth and faster than we expected. Our Realtor - Scott Oliver's experience and expertise was so helpful in keeping things moving along. We never thought that a Short Sale could close this fast!"
Kevin and Tammy Borges, Merced, CA